About Our Holdings

Seneca Archives and Special Collections collects a wide range of records, including textual records, moving image records, sound recordings, graphic materials, architectural drawings, publications, objects, and more. The majority of our records are classified as either Seneca records (C Type) or privately acquired records (P Type). Our special collections compliment faculty and student work, and are located at several Seneca campuses.


The Archives holds both college produced record and private donations. College produced records are inactive records accumulated as a result of the day-to-day operations of Seneca, transferred from the offices and departments throughout Seneca, and to which Seneca holds full legal title. Private donations are records created or accumulated and donated by individuals or organizations closely associated with Seneca, such as alumni, former professors, or others whose history is related in some way to Seneca.

Special Collections

There are several special collections available. These collections are located at multiple campuses, and serve to benefit faculty and student work in variety of areas.


The Archives holdings are discoverable through AtoM, as well as through more traditional finding aids, available in PDF form on the Archives website.